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Holy City of the Wichitas

Granite Pointe RV Resort is located in an ideal setting that depicts the natural beauty of Southwest Oklahoma.

We are so diverse in local area attractions, the only way to begin to describe what we have to offer is to display photographs of some of the area's treasures. The following images are only a prelude to what awaits you.

There is so much more to see and do that we can only encourage you to visit and see for yourself.

Remember, we have premium lots that are available year round and we offer special rates for extended stays. The following places listed are just a small part the adventure waiting to be discovered by our newest visitors.


Museum of the Great Plains

Southwest Oklahoma is very rich in history and that history is brought to life at the Museum of the Great Plains.

Outdoor displays, exhibits and events bring the past to life again and visitors walk away with a new appreciation and understanding of how the old west was really won.

Southwest Oklahoma is rich in Native American history and the Museum of the Great Plains offers new insight into a beautiful and proud culture.

Located approximately fifteen minutes from Granite Pointe RV Resort, an afternoon at the museum is a great way to have fun and learn about the taming of the wild, wild west.



US Army Artillary Museum

Lake Elmer Thomas Recreaction Area

Museum of the Great Plains

Holy City of the Wichitas

Apache Rattlesnake Festival

Lake Ellsworth

And Much More....


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